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With over 10 years as a professional personal trainer and over 40 years as a multi-sport athlete, there is no aspect of health, fitness and sport specific training that has escaped my experience – and being throughly tried, tested and refined.

Based in Clifton, Bristol I am enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated in helping you obtain a level in health and fitness you may never have thought possible.

We can work indoors at our bespoke training facilities in Oakfield Road , Clifton , for specific gym based exercise. Where appropriate, outdoor training in the local park is on our doorstep.

You may prefer to train more locally to your own home, or any other location that is applicable to your needs. I am always flexible to work with your choice of location, availability and training needs.

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About Jules - Bristol Personal Trainer

I feel I can successfully apply all this acquired experience and knowledge to almost any sport or sporting environment and be successful... whether on my behalf or anyone else's...

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People like Formal qualifications...they allow an assumption of a minimum standard of knowledge, and they give us confidence in who we happen to be dealing with...

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For more information on how I can help you in getting the most out of life, your training or achieving your targets for a specific event then contact me to discuss how I can help...

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