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I really needed to get a grip on my weight gain and improve my fitness – something which I hadn’t bothered to consider since my twenties. So when I met Jules, I felt that he was someone who understood my concerns and was willing to work with me at my pace. He’s got the balance right and knows when to push you without putting you off for life!

Vicky Chappell – Project Manager Bristol

I have been training with Jules for two years now since my 50th birthday, it has not only improved my physical condition way beyond my expectations, I am certainly fitter now than I have ever been, but also my confidence has had a huge boost.
Jules has provided a very careful and structured plan for me with noticeable continued but gradual and permanent improvement from the start, all done with a friendly positive approach that has been flexible enough to accommodate my sometimes erratic work schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their fitness.

Stuart Cullen – Managing Director – Solent Stevedores Ltd

Being new to the idea of personal training, I needed to find a personal trainer who would be knowledgeable, and encouraging, and able to make training fun and relevant. Jules fits the bill perfectly. He is able to inspire and motivate me to ever higher levels of effort, and provides expertise and session planning that has made a real difference to me and my fitness levels. Two years on, I am still enjoying the training, and, more importantly, enjoying being fitter than ever, with the expectation of yet more to come. I cannot recommend Jules too highly for effective, balanced and fun personal training.

Chris Vigars – Element One IP. Bristol

I initially went to see Jules because I didn’t want to put on any more weight, and improve my fitness. I hadn’t done any exercise since my school days and was very out of shape. For the first year I didn’t change my diet or do the cardio Jules recommended but my fitness and strength was much improved and I didn’t get any chubbier. In the last year I’ve learnt to do what Jules says. I’m now the fittest I have ever been in my life, my body shape has changed completely, I look healthy and dare I say it lean. I’ve been told a lot lately that I look fantastic and I tell people that it is down to Jules. If you listen to Jules and put in the effort you will get the results you want. I never thought I would be the type of person to enjoy exercising but I genuinely do these days, my attitude to food and exercise have changed completely thanks to Jules.

Alice Crocker – Jack FM. Radio. – Bristol

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