Why Me?

Why use Personal Trainer Jules Taylor…

All my training and coaching with my Clients is based on my own system of safe, effective, natural progression at a rate applicable to their own specific needs.

People like Formal qualifications…they allow an assumption of a minimum standard of knowledge, and they give us confidence in who we happen to be dealing with.
A level 3 in Personal Training is exactly that, and more.

It is a respected and comprehensive certification, assuring all clients of a level of knowledge and service, that is at the top of the Industry Standard.

However, what we have to offer at ULTRA-PT is so much more.

  • 30+ years experience of training and competing
  • 14 different sports ( and counting…)
  • 10 of those sports with Podium finishes on a National and International level.

Self taught and self coached, many mistakes and errors have been made along the way , but this is how we learn , this is how we know what is effective , this is how I know what works and what doesn’t.

All this adds up to a wealth of knowledge, experience, and understanding that can NEVER be gained from a formal qualification, putting me in a unique position to offer help , guidance, and successful results to anyone, wherever they happen to be on the Fitness ladder.

Why Jules?

The core of my Clients are long-term…

They have seen their fitness levels rise, their Body fat levels decrease…

Their Confidence levels rise…

Their postures improve…

Competitive goals acheived…

And overall, their Quality of life has has been raised , for many to a level they never had before.

Fitter, leaner, confidant, toned….diet vastly improved.

These Trainer-Client relationships have evolved, for many, over years… ups and downs as we progress-we are all human after all, not machines- but the one truth they are all aware of is that whatever the outcome happens to be…. it is a direct result of the effort put in!

Dedication, consistancy, hard work, a shared knowledge of Good nutrition, and a healthy approach to common sense and lifestyle choices WILL result in progress!

Personal Touch

  • I am interested in YOU as a person…
  • I am motivated in acheiving YOUR goals…
  • I WILL get you your results…

Above all, you can expect your Personal Training / Coaching experience with myself to be just that…. Personal to yourself and your needs, delivered in a Professional manner.

No less.

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