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Preparing To Train.. Training To Prepare?

Our training can achieve many results, some good and some bad. It can be adequate leaving us to perform ok but struggling on the day……it can be perfect, and the day goes so well…it could be , for varying reasons, totally inadequate resulting a DNF. On the other hand, go to the extreme and overtraining, injury, and illness are all waiting for you with open arms and boxes of tissues! More…

A Guide to Ultra-Triathlons



Basically an economical slow stroke always with a wetsuit, a full one being quicker and a short sleeve, much cooler and more comfortable.


‘Living on the edge?..only because it’s too hectic in the middle!’

Training and equipment… quality, quantity, carbon wheels, periodisation,intervals, junk miles, miles in the bank, over-distance, hill reps, stretching, injuries, nutrition, cadence rate, neutral footplant, over pronation, compression tights, training zones, rest, over-training, tapering, body fat levels, fartlek, heart rate monitors, gps…where on earth do we begin to make sense of it all? More…

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