Nutritional Consultation

This is such an important part of fitness and training….yet so few of us put any real effort or thought into how we fuel our lives.

It dictates our energy levels, our moods, our ability to think.

It can affect how stressed our body is, how able it is to perform.

Poor food choices often lead to excess fat deposists, lethargy, illness… short and long term…

Excess sugars, poor quality fats, excess salt and other flavourings… (masking agents in other words, disguising the poor quality food stuffs used in processed food..!) are all around us in many, many food products.

The solution is to be aware, to increase our knowledge… which used to be commonplace!… of the good and the bad food choices we can all make. We all put effort into many areas of our lives that we prioritise… it is way overdue that we do so to the very thing that keeps us alive!

Together, we will via a food diary and one-to-one discussion, take a long hard look at your representative diet choices and break it all down. Then….bit by bit… We will put it all back together with healthy, tasty food choices that, for you, will be a sustainable life style change that will bring benefits to your quality of life across many areas.