Performance Testing And Analysis

For us to perform at our best, knowledge of our training and exercising intensity levels is invaluable.

Basic Body measuring is always available, including some or all of the following.. Bodyfat levels, Weight, Blood pressure, current level of fitness and Training Stress.
I can help you set your individual Heart Rate training zones..

We can test for your Maximal Oxygen uptake limit and monitor your improvements..

I can monitor your Heart Rate levels during exercise . We can then download the results and analyse the data.. Giving us valuable information as to how you performed.

For runners, I have video capture and Analysis available, so via sessions on the Treadmill and outside, we can study your Gait, stride, and Bio-mechanics at our leisure, looking at the issues and how improvements to your training can improve your performance.

Heart Rate monitors, with data download abilities, are available to hire for events etc.

Maybe you would like to use a Heart Rate monitor, assess the information and benefits prior to purchasing one for yourself..? Use one of mine for a few days..!