Personal Training

Step 1.

We will have an initial consultation where we can have a chat as to what your expectations and aims are, and how i can help you acheive these. A medical history will be taken, and some basic body measurements also.

Weight, Bodyfat levels, Blood pressure will all be measured at this time to ensure your starting point is safe and effective for you.

This session is at no cost to you.

Step 2.

Our first session in the gym together!

This will be an assessment of your current fitness / strength / biomechanics….and finding out how you work, what you like and dont like doing, and how you react to physical stresses.

All this information will now be used to plan your future sessions , to be safe, progressive , and enjoyable for you……to get the results you are after.

Step 3.

The hard work begins!

We are now working with a Personal Structured training programme that is paticular to your needs and goals. I work with an iPad in the gym , so all your plans, sessions, previous results can all be recalled and studied at a moments notice. This also enables us to carry out at any time video play back/ analysis of specific technique, or running gait issues.

Most sessions will be for around an hour, longer sessions as required can be arranged.

Looking to keep the costs down…? Bring a friend along and train together and share the cost of a session! They can be a lot of fun, playing off each other, getting competitive, etc. This a maximum, i will not train more than two clients at a time, as i feel that dilutes the Personal Training side of things. I prefer everyone to get my complete attention throughout the session.


Our studios at The Berkeley Centre are fully equipped… Without reservation I would say we have the best selection and variety of Safe, High Quality gym kit to work with anywhere in Bristol.

They are not membership Gyms, they are solely Private Personal Training studios.

We have seperate changing and locker areas and showers, for male and female.

iPod/MP3 docks are also availible for you to train to your own choice of gym music!