Running Coaching

Whatever level you may be at, I can help your running.

Maybe you have not run before, but would love to have a challenge such as a 5KM run…

An enthusiastic runner who wishes to improve their confidence at a longer distance….

An experienced runner looking to improve their PB at their preferred distance….

Maybe 26.2 miles dosent seem a challenge any more and you wish to run further…

All these examples and everyone in between can benefit from my experience and coaching methods.

We will work with your abilities; your ambitions; we will look at your gait and bio-mechanics whilst running with Video capture and analysis; we can study your footwear and suggest any improvements that may be of help.

From the feet up and the head down your running will be assessed and nurtured, improving your speed, posture, mechanics… and as a result many find their niggles, aches and pains that always seem to be there dissapear… and their running times improve!

At all times, injury prevention and consistancy is of paramount concern.

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For more information on any of the personal training services that I provide then why not contact me. I am always happy to discuss getting people in shape or helping with improving your fitness. Give Jules a call on 07943853450 or emailĀ [email protected]

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